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I Can Only Imagine

Words & Music by Bart Millard
Piano Arrangement by Melody Bober

Performed by Carol Davis
Images from Unsplash.com

Letter to My Dad
June 3, 2018

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! If you were still here today we would be celebrating your 90th birthday, most likely with a cookout and definitely with a rhubarb pie. I think back on that day 10 months ago that you went home to be with our Lord. I remember holding your hand and silently begging you to stay, but outwardly encouraging you to go on home. As I watched you peacefully take your last breath and pass into the arms of Jesus, I desperately wanted to see what you were seeing and what it would be like to see Jesus. But until my time comes, I can only imagine what you saw, I can only imagine what it will be like………..